Regulations are on its way and your business could be exposed to risk. An effective SRM framework can help management identify emerging issues of concern that may affect supply chain, operations and production.


This is our ecosystem that promotes a new way of processing food along the chain. 

Every day in the U.S. we generate approximately 86,900 metric tons of food waste; that is enough waste to fill 6,310 garbage trucks. Every day each person sends approximately 1/2 pound of food waste to the garbage; that is the equivalent of four small apples. This behavior is not sustainable however we believe that there are ecosystems that could change this paradigm. There are many parts involved which need to be in sync with each other including farmers, food industry, supermarkets, restaurants, food banks, culinary programs and consumers by using resources that are readily available. 

The food industry is responsible of delivering healthy and nutritious food to supermarkets, restaurants, hospitals, hotels and many others. It is important to analyze, understand and manage food systems that embrace economic, social, environment, natural resource use, biodiversity, health, and nutrition factors. One of the most important variables is preventing waste rather than thinking to divert or create new waste. This new paradigm will help drive efficiency, create opportunity, and improve access to food, relieving both hunger and nutritional imbalance in the diets of millions of members of our society in the greatest need.


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Stakeholders involved:

Food waste prevention
Outlets for new food before becoming food waste ; partnerships with culinary programs and restaurants.
Outlet for food waste with food banks.
Onsite food waste solutions
Vegetable gardens


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