The BIO-EZ can process up to 1,000 pounds of food waste per 24 hours. Conservatively, the unit will process over 30,000 pounds of food waste per month or nearly 365,000 pounds of food waste per year. 

Total Electric Consumption
4.5Kw / Day 

35 1/8"(W) x 41 3/4"(H) x 79"(L)

The difference with other aerobic digester in the market:

  • Cold Water only usage – lower usage costs long-lasting microbial formula (minimum of 1 year) – lower usage cost
  • No heater units – minimizes odor and aids in aerobic digestion of food waste with lower electric use
  • No quarterly maintenance agreements 
  • No deodorizer used or needed for the units – lower usage cost
  • Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) available for our microbial formula – safety, reliability and availability assurance
  • Made in the USA: BIO-EZ units are fabricated, built and assembled in Connecticut. All replacement parts can be sourced domestically. Our BIO-Helper formula is also sourced within the USA. 

-OSHA compliant
-ETL listed to conform to the UL Standard -430 CAS-CAN standard 22-2 


In the USA 

The BIO-EZ XL can process up to 1,500 pounds of food waste in 24 hours. With nearly twice the throughput of any other unit, the economy of this model is realized in the incremental savings compared with any other option. On average use, this unit can process over 45,000 pounds of food waste each month or over 550,000 pounds each year. 

Total Electric Consumption
4.7Kw / Day 

35 1/16"(W) x 41 13/16"(H) x 93 3/16"(L) 

The aerobic digester offers a totally self-contained, continual feed, organic food waste disposal system designed to biologically convert solid food waste materials into liquid. The main function of digester is to accelerate the process of natural decomposition by maintaining optimal levels of aeration, moisture and temperature. Under these controlled conditions, our unique formula makes microorganisms decompose organic waste efficiently at a much faster than the natural decay rate. It is a continuous process where microbes play the most important role in the elimination of waste. Different microbes produce different enzymes; these enzymes are catalysts for proteins responsible for metabolism of organic waste.
The digester was developed to revolutionize the disposal of organic waste, based on the principle that waste should be treated in the place where it’s originate it. It allows you to have full control when handling organic waste on site where it is generated without relying on a third party. The digester works automatically, the customer only needs to feed the organic waste through the door. Using the wastewater treatment plant of the city, county, state, etc , you can close the cycle of recycling organic waste onsite.

The BIO-EZ Mini can process up to 350 pounds of food waste per 24 hours. Conservatively, the unit will process over 10,608 pounds of food waste per month or nearly 127,750 pounds of food waste per year; based on optimal use and are subject to type of throughput

Total Electric Consumption
1.0Kw / Day 

31 5/16"(W) x 39 29/32"(H) x 66 11/32"(L) 

208V / 30 A / 60HZ / 3PH